Hello, world!

Just a quick introduction of myself:

My name is Ben and I am an IT Engineer working internal and external projects for a Managed Service Provider. By night, I am a father, husband, friend, and standard nerd: spending what free time I have trying to further my skill set (even for fun!) or playing games.

Why take what little time I have for a blog?

It's 2018 now, and with that comes new year's resolutions. Outside of our "standard" resolutions that we set as humans, I came up with a few unique resolutions of my own -- some of which were already in motion shortly before 2017 ended:

  • Achieve my MCSA: Linux on Azure Certification
  • Achieve my Certified Kubernetes Administrator Certification (CKA)
  • Become proficient enough with Python to put it on a resume
  • Automate everything, even the easiest of tasks
  • Contribute to an open source project
  • Blog

As a current LFCS and LFCE, taking a cheap exam to get my MCSA: Linux on Azure was a no-brainer. My place of work is making a huge shift into selling Azure Services and is providing training to some of our engineers.

I purchased my CKA exam voucher in November (I got a killer deal from the Linux Foundation), and in the process of learning about Containers and Orchestration, I have found that I, along with my fellow engineers, techs, and admins at my place of work have been doing it wrong and need to automate EVERYTHING so that engineers spend less time setting up servers, performing migrations, and putting out fires, and more time... engineering!

Finally, after reading some blogs recommended by my manager, I realize that blogging is a good way to document my findings, contribute and collaborate with others that share similar goals, and be held accountable for my above goals -- assuming that someone actually reads this blog.

With that, I bid farewell for now. Please check back for updates soon! I already have plans for more content.

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