Personal Updates and Revival!

It's been a long year.

I've achieved some of my goals, ignored others, and even landed a new gig!

If you can tell from my posting history, I went into this really head strong and then fell off completely, but let's start this post as to what happened to my 2018 goals from my first post:

  • I did not achieve, or start on my MCSA: Linux on Azure Certification
  • I did pass and acheive my Certified Kubernetes Administrator certification on the very last day possible for my exam voucher!
  • I didn't work with Python all that much.
  • I obtained a new job in a new city that requires me to use Ansible, so that's a win for my automation goal!
  • I continued to contribute to open source throughout the year after I acheived the goal early on -- even as far as completing Hacktoberfest!
  • I did blog some, but not as much I had hoped. With that said, I am reviving the blog!

With my former job requiring much of my time, my shift to focus more on my family, and moving to a new city, I've been busy. But I am settled in, certified, and have new experiences to share!

I may eventually finish my "Plex, the Docker & Ansible Way!" series, but I am going to focus on moving forward and post about some of my new learning experiences.

I hope to see you in future articles!

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